Ceramic studio specialising in functional objects through a meditative process.

An Italian childhood shaped by a plurality of materials

I grew up in a rural village in the north of Tuscany – a region renowned for its history, ceramics and Carrara marble quarries. Raised amongst a stimulating and diverse combination of materials both ancient and modern – from beautiful, veined classical marble and rustic terracotta to natural stone and the brutal strength of modern concrete – this blend left its mark on me. Early exposure to a plurality of materials created a deep fascination with the rich variety of natural and man-made textures and surfaces, planting the seeds that would later lead me to work in ceramics.

Following early childhood experiences working with clay and learning simple techniques to manipulate this material and build essential forms, I was drawn away from this ancient skill by the pull of modernity and technology. Years later, rediscovering my passion for timeless craft and design as an adult – like a cherished object placed in a drawer, forgotten and then returned to – I reconnected with ceramics through a series of workshops and courses in London and Italy

Creating unique, functional objects through a meditative process

Drawing on the environment of my childhood and the rich heritage of the Tuscany region, I create bold, organic forms that reference ancient design and my own past. Using natural materials, I craft unique, durable and functional objects – from plates, bowls and baking dishes to sculptural vases that convey a powerful presence.

Working in grog clay, I favour simplicity in colour, typically expressing a raw force through black, white and terracotta with a transparent glaze. At the core of all my work is a focus on the meditative nature of making and a profound fascination with the process of creating something by hand.

This is a process that I see as a necessary balance to our modern age that is so tied up with advanced technology, social media and mass production. Creating objects by hand – working carefully, slowly and thoughtfully – is like a form of mediation that results in something useful, beautiful and completely personal

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